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The Kingsboro Press

The Kingsboro Press is a zine based in Brooklyn, NY., U.S.A.

Founded in 2007 by Daniel Wagner and Megan Plunkett (later working also with Jordan Awan,) Kingsboro Press produces semi-regular self-titled journals and the occasional artist book. Focusing on art, design, music, and politics, Kingsboro Press has published work by Ethan Swan, Clare Wohlnick, Merlin Chowkwanyun, Milano Chow, Chip Hughes, Alex Gartenfeld, Penny Rimbaud, Brendan Fowler, Amy Yao, Seth Zucker, Will Boone, Howie Chen, Harry Stephen Keeler, selections from Distort, Erik Lindman, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, and many, many others.

Issue three features interviews and work with artists Inka Jarvinen, CW Winter, Kim Hiorthoy, Karma International.

The fourth issue has interviews with G.B. Jones, Philadelphia art collective/band Bobo, and artists Mathew Cerletty, Siebren Versgeeg and Megan Pflug.

The fifth issue includes a supplement book curated by Amy Yao.

The sixth and most recent issue of Kingsboro was released in early summer of 2010.

The eighth issue was released in 2012, and features work by Becca Albee, David Armacost, Jordan Awan, Walter De La Mer, DX, Noel Friebert, Dimitri Herts, Chip Hughes, G.B. Jones, Cat Kron, Melissa Levin, Greil Marcus, Nik Planck, Zephyr Pavey, Asher Penn, Jeremy Sigler, William Wegman, Seth Zucker, and reprints of the work of Algernon Charles Swinburne.

The Kingsboro Press has also produced several shows at independent galleries, most recently collaborating with West Street Gallery in New York and Open Space in Baltimore.


The Kingsboro Press