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The JDM Bibliophile was a fanzine by Len and June Moffatt, and later Ed Hirshberg.

The JDM Bibliophile was devoted to the writer John D. MacDonald. It was published in California, U.S.A. in the late 1960s, and early 1970s. Issue 1 was released in April 1968, and issue 15 in 1971. For some of the period it was published, it was distributed by the Fantasy Amateur Press Association as well as by the Moffatts.

The Associate Editors were William 'Bill' J. Clark and Ed Cox (Altair, Triton) for 22 issues. By 1978, William J. Clark had passed away, and after dedicating Issue 22 to his memory, Len and June Moffat handed over editorship to Ed Hirshberg, an English professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The Moffatts continued to contribute a column. The last issue, #65, was published in December 2004, ending when Professor Hirshberg passed away that same month.

The publication featured bibliographys, articles, checklists, essays and artwork.

Contributors of writing included John D, MacDonald himself, as well as Ron Bennett (Skyrack), George R. Berryman, Fred Cropper, Lawrence Fleming, Dean Grennell (Grue, Filler), Marvin Lachman, Dave Locke (Pelf, Awry), Francis M. Nevins, Jr., William F. Nolan (Rhodomagnetic Digest), 'Pete' Peterson, Jean and Walter Shine, and Dave Stewart. The checklist was compiled by William J. Clark.

Poetry by Knox Burger, and John D. MacDonald was also featured.

Columns included "...& Everything" by Len and June Moffatt, and "The Shine Section" by Walter and Jean Shine.

Len Moffatt had been one of the editors of Shangri L'Affaires, and one of the editors of The Outlander. Len and June Moffatt co-published Moonshine (with Rick Sneary and Stan Woolston) for FAPA, and The Moffatt House Abroad, a report of their trip to the UK sponsored by the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund in 1974.