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The J.T. Oliver Photo Collection
May 2013

The J.T. Oliver Photo Collection is a science fiction fanzine by Bill Plott.

Released in May 2013, The J.T. Oliver Photo Collection is a one shot publication from Montevallo, Alabama, U.S.A. It was distributed by the Southern Fandom Press Alliance, and published on eFanzines.com.

The J.T. Oliver Photo Collection includes writing by Bill Plott, with his account of acquiring these photographs from J.T. Oliver, descriptions of the subjects of the photographs, and historical background. Featured are photos of J.T. Oliver, editor of Worlds Apart and his co-editor Paul Cox, also editor of Other Worlds; Lee Hoffman, editor of Quandry, Science Fiction Five Yearly, Chooog; Ray Bradbury, editor of Futuria Fantasia; William Crawford, editor of Marvel Tales; Charles D. Hornig, editor of The Fantasy Fan; Julius Schwartz, co-editor of The Time Traveller, Bob Tucker, editor of Le Zombie and Science Fiction Newsletter, and others.

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