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The Inspiration April 1917

The Inspiration is a literary publication for the United Amateur Press Association.

The Inspiration was edited by Edna von der Heide in New York, U.S.A. H. P. Lovecraft was the Associate Editor for the April 1917 issue. It was printed in Lincoln, Massachusetts by Albert A Sandusky of the Lincoln Press.

Contributors included Pinkney C. Grissom, William T. Harrington, Walter John Held, Rheinhart Kleiner, Henry Clapham McGavack, and Olive G. Owen.

The April 1917 issue included the first printing of the poem Brittania Victura by Lovecraft.

After working together on The Inspiration and in the United Amateur Press Association Van der Heide and Lovecraft remained correspondents until his death.

Edna von der Heide, also known as Edna Hyde McDonald, published a number of other amateur press titles, including The Fossil, Bellette, Odium, and many others. As well, she was a contributor to other amateur press publications such The Vagrant, and The Wolverine.

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