The Hanged Men Dance

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The Hanged Men Dance was a punk and literary fanzine by Jim Shedden and Sara Bellum.

The Hanged Men Dance was published in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada in the 1980s. At least two issues appeared. The second issue was a split zine with Black Triangle, published in 1985.

The Hanged Men Dance included essays, interviews, articles, reviews, poetry, song lyrics, collages, and art work.

Contributors of art work included John Curry, Michael Hale, and Taral Wayne (DNQ). Comics were by Brat X.

Contributions of articles included "How I Spent My Summer Vacation And Other Stories" by Sara Bellum; "Richard Hell - Christ Symbol?" by David Keyes; "Not Just Another Pretty Face, or Charles Bukowski: A Swell Guy" by Elliot Lefko; "Waylon's Wailin'" by Lisa Shedden; and "Ignorance Speaks Loudly Through Words" by Taral Wayne.

Reviews were by John Curry, Electrolux Delux, k., and Motor City Max.

Contributors of fiction included Dan Druff, and Stuart Ross.

Contributors of poetry and lyrics included Steve Banks, Randall Brock, Sam Carston, Matthew Cohen, and Dave Howard.

Interviews were with Dave Howard, and Fifth Column, a band which included the editors of Hide, Caroline Azar and G.B. Jones.

Issue two came with a cassette tape that included the bands Syd's Kids, William New, Mr. Cale, Polkaholics, EBS, Fifth Column, and BelVoxVicto.

Jim Shedden also published the comics zine Gratis and the science fiction zine This Sure As Hell Ain't DNQ, and was co-editor of This Tiny Donkey Looks Rather Lost.