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The Fractal was a small press publication edited by Sean Newborn.

The Fractal was published in Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. in the 1990s. It was subtitled, "Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy", and at least four issues appeared. The first issue was released in Fall 1993, with #2 following in Spring 1994, #3 in Fall 1994, and #4 in Spring 1995.

The art work for the covers was done by Margaret C. Muller (#1), Nybor (#2), Karla Miller (#3), and Sophia Kelly-Shultz (#4).

Articles were contributed by Stephen King, Robert S. Lightsey, Tom Moylan

Poetry was contributed by Ross S. Armstrong, Edgar Hahn, and Nad Gomain.

Fiction was by Mark Costis, Heather Hanna, and Alfredo Perez.