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The Filth Zine is a literary zine by Karley Bayer.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., The Filth Zine is a 20+, full-sized, black and white publication. The binding is sewn by the Filth’s creator, editor and short story contributor Karley Bayer.

Writer/contributors include:

  • Seventy years ago, Adrian Stone would have been the junkie faggot beaten and humiliated by strong men and riveting women. He is a drunk without a drink, a freak without the leather mask or lotion-dispensing butt-plug. He's an aging, unprofessional yuppie with a deep desire to taste and identify sidewalk stains. He's America, dog-fights, John Wayne's taint, German comedy, a Cuban cigar, and rat-rods chopped up, blended, and baked into a flawless, broken shell of good-looking.

He is The Filth.

Editor's comment on Mr. Stone.

Everything published under his name was stolen from better writers(he adds spelling errors and the occasional swear to mislead plagiarism-detection programs). Without a doubt, Mr. Stone is a high-ranking member of the No Class, an underground group consisting of hillbilly philosophers, pornographers, drug abusers, and anti-recyclers. He deserves every beating, mugging, stabbing, shooting, hanging, and burning he rightfully has coming.

“His” stories have appeared in The Filth, Thirst for Fire, and Lost Cause Quarterly. The editors of The Filth would like to emphasize our initial reluctance to publish anything sent in by Mr. Stone, but he threatened to impregnate and imprison the staff. Additionally, he would “cut the fetuses” from our bellies, and use each fetus as a “faux-microphone while singing each and every ABBA song ever released.”

“And yeah,” he said as he plucked all the leaves from Ms. Bayer's prized ficus, “that includes every one've them bootlegs, those queer-ass Weird Ed covermacallits, and the whole production of Mama Godamned Mia.”

“Publish my fuckin' shit,” he said. He ripped the tree from its terracotta planter, threw it against the wall, and walked out.

We hope you understand our decision.

  • Dr. John Callaghan: a martial artist, originally from New York City, with 40 years experience in judo, karate, kung fu, and the Filipino art of stick and knife fighting. He has a doctorate in both psychology and metaphysics. He is an Original Punk, having lived on the Lower East Side through the later 70's and 80's and partying my ass off, and kissed Deborah Harry on the cheek! He has also written for Gag Me With A..., The F-Bomb, and Grace Notes.
  • Tina Armstrong: (nee Christina Wheeler) lives, writes, loves, fights, and dreams in Tacoma, WA. She started The F-Bomb zine in 2009 and regularly contributes to other zines including The Filth Zine and Gag Me With A…, among others. She’s escaped death 5 times in the past 6 years and often wonders how many of her nine lives she has left. (Four?) She prefers to take a sarcastic/humorous tone in her non-fiction stories and will only write micro-fiction, if at all. Real life is much too strange to not be able to bend it into an entertaining story. She is currently-supposed to be-working on two books, one as a ghost-writer for someone’s autobiography and another as a compliation cookbook.
  • Kimberly Hritzko is fast approaching 40, but, refuses to act her age. She is a life-long resident of rural Pennsylvania, who spends much of her time trying to find a quiet place to read. All she currently asks of life is to not be annoyed; a request that has yet to be granted, which is why she thanks God she was born with both a twisted sense of humour and a decent imagination.

Other contributors include G.B. Jones, and Keith Landrum (Every Reason).

Each issue of The Filth features an interview with a DJ or independent musician, and an exclusive CD. Previous guests have included: Da Moth (LA based), Ace Hernandez and the No Boom Boom Soul Brother (Baltimore), Sir Morbit (Odessa, Texas), DJ Raiu (Gainesville, Florida), and Gring-Oh-Star (LA).

Contrary to the name, The Filth does NOT specialize in stories about unicorns and rainbows, “lost puppies finding their way home against impossible odds”, or peach cobbler. The zine also contains drawings, photos, and comics.

The Filth comes out four times a year. The birthday issue (The Filth will be ONE!) will hit the streets in early January 2012.



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