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The Factsheet Five Zine Reader

The Factsheet Five Zine Reader is a zine anthology compiled by R. Seth Friedman that was published June 24, 1997 on Three Rivers Press. The book is comprised of an introduction by Friedman, a mammoth list of zine resources and information, and excerpts from 73 zines that appeared in the pages of the review zine Factsheet Five over the years. The Factsheet Five Zine Reader hit bookstores right at the maintstream's peak interest in zines and is thought by many to be one of the best zine anthologies every published. It also helped bring Factsheet Five and a handful of other zines from the underground into national prominence.

Zines featured include: Beer Frame, Verbivore, Scram, Diseased Pariah News, Temp Slave!, Peaches & Herbicide, Murder Can Be Fun, Hermenaut, Hip Mama, Gulp, Hitch, Hip-Hop Housewife, Chemical Imbalance, Farm Pulp, Theoryslut, You Sank My Battleship, Twisted Image, Schlock, babysue, Ersatz, Celluloid All, Crank, Pinch Point, DIS, The Freakie Magnet, Holy Titclamps, Sidney Suppey's Quarterly and Confused Pet Monthly, Organ & Bongos, You Sank My Battleship!, It's a Wonderful Lifestyle, Batteries Not Included, Pasty, Strange-Looking Exile, Black Sheets, How Perfectly Goddamn Delightful It All Is, To Be Sure, Snevil, Happyland, Cupsize, 8-Track Mind, Sony Free, Girlfrenzy, Long Shot, Lies, Mouth: The Voice of Disability Rights, Diseased Pariah News, Claustrophobia, Boycott Quarterly, Bust, Lilith, Hysteria, Fat Girl, Princess, Out West, Exile Osaka, Grade D But Edible, Mudflap, Cometbus, American Job, Twilight of the Idols, Duplex Planet, Probable Cause, Food for Thought, Cooking on the Edge, Curmudgeon's Home Companion, Convivion, Religion of the Month Club, Gun Fag Manifesto, 2600, Pills-a-Go-Go, Eye, and Hungry Freaks.