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[http://www.ayunhalliday.com?nid=4683&rid=1775541570&source=title Ayun's website]  
[http://www.ayunhalliday.com?nid=4683&rid=1775541570&source=title Ayun's website]  
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The East Village Inky is entirely hand written and illustrated by Ayun Halliday, and published in New York, U.S.A.

The title comes from Halliday's nickname for her daughter India. Much of the zine deals with parenting in a consistently light, humorous tone.

Ayun Halliday is also the author of four self-mocking autobiographies The Big Rumpus,No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late, Job Hopper and Dirty Sugar Cookies: Culinary Observations, Questionable Taste. Her first children's book, Always Lots Of Heinies At The Zoo will be published in May 2009.

The East Village Inky was one of the zines featured on the 2003 and 2005 tours of North America by Mobilivre-Bookmobile, a travelling library in a trailer of independent publications. As well, the zine was featured in volume six and volume nine of Zine Yearbook, and in the book DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture, which features an interview with Ayun Halliday.

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