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East Village Inky #35

The East Village Inky is entirely hand written and illustrated by Ayun Halliday, and published in New York, U.S.A.

The title comes from Halliday's nickname for her daughter India. The zine deals with family life in a consistently light, humorous tone. Halliday's son, Milo, and husband, playwright Greg Kotis (author of Urinetown) also make frequent appearances. In this handwritten parenting zine, Ayun Halliday compactly inks in tiny type and diminutive drawings her experiences raising two small children in New York City. Inky, Halliday's three-thumbed firstborn, becomes an expat of the East Village when her parents move to Brooklyn, but she still associates with the Tompkins Square Park playground scene. An active and activist stay-at-home mom, Halliday shares birth stories and recipes as well as reviews zines and neighborhood coffeehouses. Halliday's husband, Greg Kotis, offers "advice to fathers" in several issues.


  • Issue 9: Inky becomes a big sister when Milo arrives.
  • Issue 37: Hallidy tries to find a middle school for Inky.
  • Issue 55: Halliday and her family travel to Europe and visit London and Rome and includes an announcement about the future of the zine.
  • Issue 56: Halliday and her family moved from Boerum Hill, Brooklyn to East Harlem and Halliday reflects on what she'll miss from Brooklyn. Her husband Greg shares his advice to fathers about packing.
  • Issue 57: Halliday discusses friends who drifted apart, cute things her children say, her grandmother who hated coca cola, and the deaths of her father and stepfather.

Other topics have included the summer camp where Halliday works, recipes, film & book reviews, foreign travel, art freak events in NYC, and Ex Circulation Manager Jambo (Halliday's cat, whose death occasioned Special Tribute Issue 29)


Halliday was the editor of The Zinester's Guide to NYC (Microcosm, 2010)

In addition, Ayun Halliday is the author of: The Big Rumpus No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late Job Hopper Dirty Sugar Cookies Always Lots Of Heinies At The Zoo Peanut (forthcoming from Schwartz & Wade)

The East Village Inky was one of the zines featured on the 2003 and 2005 tours of North America by Mobilivre-Bookmobile, a traveling library in a trailer of independent publications. As well, the zine was featured in volume six and volume nine of Zine Yearbook, and in the books Below Critical Radar, Fanzines and DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture, which features an interview with Ayun Halliday.

The East Village Inky is included in the West Coast Zine Collection at San Diego State University, the New York Public Library's zine collection, Barnard College's Zine Library, ABC No Rio's Zine Library and the Sallie Bingham Center's Collection at Duke University.

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