The Dark Shadows Chronicle

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The Dark Shadows Chronicle was a fanzine by Mike Rupert.

Published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., The Dark Shadows Chronicle was devoted to the 1966 -1970 television series Dark Shadows.

The first issue appeared in June 1976, and featured a Cast Index, and stage and film credits for cast members Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett, Grayson Hall and Thayer David; a program summary; the lyrics to the song Quentin's Theme; plus a crossword puzzle, trivia and photos.

issue 2 was published in September 1976, with a review of the television broadcast of the film House of Dark Shadows; the Dark Shadows album, including lyrics to the song I, Barnabas, and submitted lyrics for the instrumental song Josette's Theme; the column "Hammer and Stake", with Dark Shadows news items; fan fiction "Curse of Dark Shadows" Part One; reviews of the Dark Shadows paperbacks; the article "Burnt Offerings - Dan Curtis Strikes Again", "The Crypt"; plus special surprise features.

issue 3, from December 1976. featured an article on Dark Shadows commercialism; Dark Shadows bubblegum cards, part one; the Collins Family Tree; Dark Shadows program summery; "Biography of the Month", featuring cast member David Selby; regular column "Hammer and Stake"; fan fiction "Curse of Dark Shadows", Part Two; plus word search.

Issue 4 in March 1977 featured Part Three of the fan fiction "Curse of Dark Shadows"; "Biography of the Month: Roger Davis"; an article on Dark Shadows Giant Pinups; regular new column "Hammer and Stake"' a Collins Carol; "Darkest Shadows" Part One; "The Crypt"; plus a Dark Shadows comic strip and word search.