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*[[The new pollution]], page 81
*[[The new pollution]], page 81
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[[Category:1990's publications]]

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The Burning Times - Issue Six (cover by GB Jones)

The Burning Times (February 1995-?) was a queer punk zine published in Australia by Richard Watts.

The first issue of The Burning Times came out in February of 1995, and six issues were subsequently released. The zine featured interviews with bands such as Pansy Division, De-Regulator, Tedium, Mouthful, Tuff Muff, Kill Krush Destroy, Propaghandi and musicians such as Matt Thomas of the band The Mavis's, Chris Debono of Silpheed, Skin of Skunk Anansie, and personalities such as Kathleen Hanna, G.B. Jones and Anonymous Boy.

The zine also covered events such the Dirtybird Queercore Festival in San Francisco, the Annual Melbourne Punk Pub Crawl, reviews of shows, recordings and zines, and personal writings and editorials on topics like coming out, punk's queer past, queer heroes, body image, male rape and bisexuality.

The zine also featured artwork by artists Carrie McNinch, Jennifer Camper, Flea, Tim Growcott, G.B. Jones and Anonymous Boy.

Although international in scope, the zine as well provided a valuable snapshot of the queer, punk and music scenes in Australia in the 1990's.

Print run: 300 per issue

Format/size: Photocopied A4 cut and paste, around 50 pages per issue