The Broadside of Boston

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The Broadside of Boston was a fanzine devoted to folk music.

Published in the 1960s in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., Broadside, as it was commonly known, was an 11" X 8.5" sized publication. It began with around 10 pages in 1963, and increased to 20 pages by 1965.

In 1963, it was edited by Lynn Musgrave. By 1965, the editor was Dave Wilson.

Articles included "Folk Music Plays Huge Part in the 1963 Boston Arts Festival", "First Asheville American Folk festival Being Held", "Jackie Washington Records Third Album" and a feature on Barbara Dane. Also included were club news and performance dates, announcements of festivals, such as the Newport Folk Festival. The cover of Vol. II, No. 8 featured photos from six coffee houses in Cambridge and Boston: Cafe Yana, Club 47, Club Jolly Beaver, The Loft, The Orleans, and Turk's Head.

Also included were words and music to songs by Mark Spoelstra, Boot of Blue by Eric Anderson, Ramblin Boy by Tom Paston, Holy Modal Blither by Peter Stampfel, and Ramblin' Round by Dave Wilson.

Letters came from Mark Spoelstra.

The Broadside of Boston was one of a handful of fanzines devoted to folk music that were published in the 1950s and 1960s, along with Canada's Hoot, and Sing and String, and the U.S.A.'s Caravan, Gardyloo, The Little Sandy Review, The Songmakers Almanac, and Tune Up.