Telegram Ma'am

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Telegram Ma'am is a perzine written by Maranda Elizabeth of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

Maranda describes their zine as "a perzine about mental health, loneliness, nostalgia, adventures, bicycles, small towns, and finding a home." Frequent topics include insights about location and identity, and life as a genderqueerdo. They also share details of their experiences with depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

Several issues of Telegram Ma'am have been published as split zines, including numbers 12 and 17 with Culture Slut (written by Maranda's twin sister Amber Forrester) and number 18 with Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell (by Tukru Hassinen).

There are currently twenty-two issues of this zine.

Maranda Elizabeth also writes the fiction zine, Edith, and the 24-hour zine, Little Acorns.

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