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Teenage Gang Debs is a fanzine by Erin Smith, Don Smith, and John Huston.

Teenage Gang Debs, published in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A., was a fanzine devoted to pop culture and indie rock in equal parts.

Issue one was edited by Erin Smith and John Huston. The front cover features a drawing from a coloring book of the character "Samantha" from the television show Bewitched, and the back cover features photos of Calvin Johnson from the band Beat Happening. Inside are articles on The Patty Duke Show; "Cousin Oliver" from The Brady Bunch; the film Ghost in the Invisible Bikini by Don Smith; "Me and My View-Master" by Jeffery Kennedy; and reviews of The Brady Bunch- related songs such as "Sunshine Day" by The Lovedolls, from the film Lovedolls Superstar, "We Three Bunch" by Adrenalin O.D., and "Jan Brady" by The Lunachicks.

Issue two is edited by Erin Smith and Don Smith, and features a photo of the character "Cindy" from The Brady Bunch on the front cover, with an article on Jan Brady; a Robbie Rist filmography; an interview with the band Redd Kross; an interview with Stanley Livingston; who played "Chip" on the television show My Three Sons; and an interview with the band The Lunachicks.

Issue three features Mile Lookinland from The Brady Bunchon the cover, and interviews with Joseph Barbera of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, actor David Garrison, who played "Steve" for the first three seasons in Married With Children, that doesn't go well, and a continuation of the interview with Stanley Livingston from issue two; an article on Planet of the Apes, an interview with the band Nation of Ulysses, an article on attending an Annette Funicello concert, and an account of attending tennis camp with Amy Carter by John Huston.

Issue four features actor Eve Plumb as "Jan" from The Brady Bunch on the cover and an interview with her inside; a Reader's Poll; an article on Ultraman; reprints of Maureen McCormick from teen mags; an article on the shows Gidget, and Tic-Tac-Dough, and the magazine Sassy.

Teenage Gang Debs also included reviews of zines such as Amish Ways, Conflict, Emily's Hip Pocket, Four-Letter Words, Girl Germs, Jigsaw, Jingle Jangle, Psychotronic Video, Toy Geek, and Wig Out.