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Article very short

I dont know that much about PP and I think it'd be great if people could write more with this article. As 80 issues is alot of stuff, there must be lots of techniques and themes that PP tried and used in the zine medium. Also the idea that PP started because of a perception that MRR was becoming elitist; If it is possible to somehow explain this point - was this because of things said in MRR? - I dont really follow MRR but Id like to understand the relation of PP to MRR as these are two of a few very widely distributed zines in the world. Also the reasons that Dan Sinker mentions for stopping PP - such as the collapse of the distributior and how this really damaged the zine - if there were just a few lines to document this as i think it is relevant to zinewiki and zines as it shows the issues facing zines which wish to be bigger and widely distributed. Just some thoughts! --Eugenepunk 16:50, 22 June 2007 (EDT)