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Mr. Sean says... Microcosm/Joe Biel have done a fantastic job doing what they've done. Period. But, the central problem i have with them & the problem i had with Lookout, Mordam & the later incarnation of Factsheet 5 is the homogenization of the zine world. The problem with the idea of zine culture & all that, is that zines are just like books or records or comics or whatever. & while the tendency has been towards the creation of geeked out convention culture surrounding these things (Portland Zine Symposium being a big culprit for the zine world), they are just objects for disseminating ideas & images & whatever, not specific ideas. You should have nothing more in common with the audience of zines as you would people walking down the street. Zine creators are going to be somewhat similar, just as book writers are or comic artists are or movie makers are. It takes a certain kind of mind to want to make something in a certain format. However, the audience is more what i'm speaking too. Anyhow, the reason i present this in the zikewiki is that i think it is an important issue, & one that most zine writers/distributors should think about.

--Goblin 20:18, 26 November 2007 (EST)