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I'm quite sure the info about the Pacificon Combozine (that shows up in several listings) is incorrect. The 1946 Pacificon Combozine included: The Atomic Age (?), Fanews (Dunkleberger), Five Fingers (Laney), Guteto (Morojo), Ichor (Hart), Lethe (Riggs & Smith), The Martian News-Letter (Streiff), Matters of Opinion (Speer), Phanteur (Thompson), Plenum (Rothman), Psycho (Schumann), Shangri-L'Affaires (Burbee [at this time]), The Time Binder (Evans), 2B or not 2B (Maddox), VOMbozine (i.e. VOM), and Le Zombie (Tucker). --Drew morse 07:02, 14 October 2011 (UTC)

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