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Tales of Blarg is an East Bay Berkeley punk zine created by writer and comic artist Janelle Hessig in 1990. The most recent issue is number nine, published in October 2006.

Past contributors include Lawrence Livermore, Robert Eggplant, Aaron Cometbus, Scott Baldwin, Mr. Mike, Iggy Scam, Seth Bogard, and Heather Jewett. The content of Tales Of Blarg has varied over the years. Topics range from scene reports to crusty haiku to confessional comics about sexual mishaps and barfing.

The story "My Adventure With Green Day" published in Tales Of Blarg #4 was later reprinted in Green Day's "Kerplunk!" album. The story is attributed to "Laurie L" but was in fact written by Lookout! founder, Lawrence Livermore.

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