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T-Negative was a media science fiction fanzine by Ruth Berman.

T-Negative was one the the first fanzines devoted to Star Trek, released during the original broadcast of the television series. The title of the fanzine refers to the character Mr. Spock's bloodtype, which was T-Negative.

The first issue of T-Negative was released in June 1969. 35 issues were released during the run, which ended in March 1979 with the double issue 35/35.

In her editorial for issue 1, Ruth Berman wrote about starting her fanzine; "In November 1968 I starting watching Star Trek, mainly because Juanita Coulson had recommended it so highly in Yandro. By December, I d gotten Eleanor Arnason hooked on it, too, and by December she mmade the classic remark, 'We could write that too'...

Contributors of art work included Alan Andres, Alicia Austin (Kevas and Trillium), Gail Barton, Anne Braude, Kathy Bushman, Deborah Collin, Juanita Coulson (ST-Phile), Tim Courtney, Connie Faddis, Heather Firth, Karen Flanery, Wendy Fletcher, Gary Hawfitch, C. Lee Healy, Douglas Herring, Carolyn Hillard, Mary Himmelbach, Bunny Jackson, Janice, Gregory Jein, Suzanne Kirwan, Al Kunfeld, Rae Ladore, Wendy Lindboe, Chris Loftus, David Lornazoff, Rosalind Ludwig, Barbara Marczak, Melisa Michaels, Ron Miller, Gee Moaven, Beth Moore, Anita Nordstrom, Rosalind Oberdieck, Ricky Pearson, D.C. Roberts, Clarica Scott, Al Sirois, Gennie Summers, Anthony Tollin, Joyce Yasner, and Bernard Zuber.

Covers were by Alan Andres, George Barr, Kathy Bushman, Mary Ann Cappa, Cory Correll, Tim Courtney, Mary Ann Emerson, Connie Faddis, Jackie Franke, Douglas Herring, Bunny Jackson, Gregory Jein, Barbara Marczak, Gee Moaven, Rodalind Oberdieck, Ricky Pearson, Mark Schulman, Clarica Scott, Anthony Tollin and Kristina Trott.

Contributors of writing included Astrid Anderson, Barb Amderson, Cathy Anderson, Eleanor A. Arnason, Ellie Back, Jennifer Bankier, Anne Braude, Judy Burns, Carmen Carter, Hal Clement, Juanita Coulson, Dean Dickensheet, Mary Lou Dodge, Marnie Ellington, Marica Ericson, Connie Faddis, Amy Faldowitz, Karen Fleming, Jackie Franke, Pat Gildersleeve, Jennifer Guttridge, Anna Mary Hall, Dorothy Heydt, Mary Himmelbach, Cecily Horton, Teri Howard, Dave Hulan, Carol Pruitt Ing, Gregory Jein, Dorothy Jones, LouAnn Jones, Phyllis Ann Karr (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror), Pat Kienly, Donald Koch, Devra Langsam, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, Shirley Meesch, Melisa Michaels, John Miesel, Sandra Miesel, Deborah Naffziger, G.L. Natho, Larry Nivens, Paula Smith, John Stanley, Gennie Summers, and Richard G. Van Treuren.

Letters came from Alan Dean Foster, Jeanne Powers, Cheryl Rice, Mandi Schultz, D.T. Steiner and Gennie Summers.

Ruth Berman also published the Sherlock Holmes anthology, SH - sf Fanthology.