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August 1959
Cover art by Dan Adkins

Syzygy was a science fiction fanzine by Miriam Carr.

Syzygy was released in August, 1959. It was issue 4 of the Goojie Publications fanzines, although each issue had its own, distinct title.

The cover art was by Dan Adkins and the fanzine was produced using the hectograph method. Interior illustrations were by Larry Bourne, Larry Lindham, George Metzger, Ray Nelson and Arthur Thomson.

The editorial "Voice of the Turtle", is by Miriam Carr, followed by the short story "Wedding Present For Marlene" by Kris Neville; fiction by Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons); and a satire piece on television called "People To People", by Les Nirenberg (The Panic Button).

Letters came from Charles Burbee and Harry Warner, Jr., among others.