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Synthesis Zine is an anarchist, feminist, straight edge, diy, vegan zine that first appeared in the Summer of 1995. Regular features include polemics on diy hardcore, gender politics and straightedge, vegan recipes, freebies (calendars, patches, stickers), music & zine reviews and a bit of personal information. Laura Synthesis is the editor and occasionally there have been contributions and survey answers from others.

Timeline: Synthesis Issue 1: Summer 1995
Goodies Zine Distro: 1995/6
Synthesis Issue 2: 1996
Synthesis Issue 3: 1997
Synthesis Issue 4: 1998
Goodies Zine Distro becomes Synthesis Distro: 1998
Synthesis Issue 5: 2000
Synthesis Issue 6: Planned for December 2006

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Contact information is kept up-to-date at the website