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Issue 6
Cover of Issue 48

Suspect Device is apunk anarcho fanzine from the UK.

It is put together by Tony Suspect and Gaz Suspect, who started the zine in 1984. At the moment the zine is on its 48th issue. Inspired by the Dorest fanzine Damaged, Tony and Gaz released their first issue in 1984 which contained band interviews, record reviews and some politics. The zine is often a big chunky zine with up to 9 interviews per issue. It also has record and zine reviews, personal writings in the forum of columns from many different contributers. It has had tour reports of UK bands playing around the world and had also a diary about travelling to the US to record an album. The zine was mostly an A5 zine but the last two issues, 47 and 48 have been A4. The latest issue had interviews with Jallu of Phoenix Foundation, The Steal, Hank Jones, Affirmative Action Jackson, You Me & The Atom Bomb, writer Danny Leigh as well as a feature on the early DIY punk scene in Dorset. Other issues have contained interviews with Subhumans, Propagandhi, The Varukers, Burning Airlines and Wat Tyler to name but a few.

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