Sugar Needle

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Sugar Needle # 24 (cover by G.B. Jones)

Sugar Needle is sweet - that's the word that comes to mind. Every issue is deliciously sweet reading. That's the point of this zine: to celebrate all types of candy.

The two editors of Sugar Needle are Corina Fastwolf and Phlox Icona. Sugar Needle is put together cut and paste style, utilizing lots of candy packaging, and illustrations in every issue are often hand colored by the editors.

The tall, thin, photocopied zine is full of short articles that talk about candy, candy wrappers, candy stores, and all things candy. Reviews of candy don't just focus on the taste but also the wrapper, the presentation, even the marketing. Often an issue will also include a candy-related interview with a small candy company owner or a seemingly unrelated interview with a band that ends in a discussion of members' favorite candy. There is generally a theme to each issue and, with penpals around the world, the editors discuss candy from many different countries. Sugar Needle often features covers done by guest artists, such as Mann Hawks; G.B. Jones; Robert Kirby, co-editor of Boy Trouble; Androo Robinson, editor of Ped Xing Comics and co-editor, with Maria Goodman, of Sweet Mystery Love Shoes; and Sean Tejaratchi, editor of Craphound. By 2006, thirty issues had been released and the zine is still being published. Selections from Sugar Needle were reprinted in volume nine of Zine Yearbook, published in 2008.

And remember what editor Corina writes: "Don't ferget to brush yer teeth."

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