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Straight Up Issue 2 Illustration by Terry Jeeves 1952

Straight Up was a science fiction fanzine by Fred J. Robinson from Cardiff, Wales.

Straight Up has been cited as the first science fiction fanzine to emerge from Wales. It was first published in February 1952 and appeared monthly for that year. It was a news and review fanzine covering radio, books, films, magazines, fanzines, conventions, and fan news. Issue 2 appeared in March, No. 3 in May, No. 4 in July, No. 5 in October.

Contributors included Forrest J. Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Billy Graham, Arthur F. Hillman, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Orma McCormick (Starlanes), Bob Shaw, Ken Slater, Tony Thorne, Walt Willis (Hyphen), James White (Slant).

Denis Giford contributed a regular column on SF, fantasy and horror films and Charles Lee Riddle (Peon) wrote a column on SF news from the U.S.A.

Letters came from Fred C. Brown, Vince Clarke (Science Fantasy News), Lyell Crane, Bob Shaw, Walt Willis, and James White.

In one editorial Fred Robinson detailed the primitive equipment he was attempting to harness in order to produce his fanzine, and this was probably one reason for the lack of art work in the zine, although issue 2 featured an small, early illustration by Terry Jeeves.

The last issue published was number 5 in October 1952. Fred Robinson announced in this issue that he would soon be publishing a new fanzine called Camber.

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