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Sticky Institute is an Incorporated Association and is a volunteer run, not for profit Artist Run Initiative housed in Degraves Street Subway under Flinders Street, Melbourne. Sticky was originally conceived as a not for profit retail 'side project' in 2001 within Platform Artist Group who operate artist exhibition spaces in the subway and nearby lanes.

The three day a week shop-front idea, Sticky began with ten artist publications for sale in the Platform office in April 2001. Since then, Sticky has stocked thousands of titles from around Australia and overseas, and has established itself as a nationally and internationally recognised specialty zine and artist book shop.

In October 2007 Sticky became an Artist Run Intitiative in its own right, as Sticky Institute Inc. Sticky continues to share Platform’s office space, its shop front, but is separately administered by volunteers including the shop’s founder and former Platform Coordinator, Luke Sinclair, and zinester and co-cordinator Eloise Peace.

In February 2008 Sticky ran the Festival of the Photocopier, celebrating Australia's underground zine culture.

In February 2009 Sticky participated in International Literature Conspiracy Week, for which they held a week of events including a zine fair.


P.O. Box 310

Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Victoria 8009



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