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Starbound! was the sixth publication in Kenneth J. Krueger's The Space-Trails Series of science fiction pamphlets. It was published in 1954 under Krueger's Pegasus Publications imprint from Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

The cover gives the subtitle "Poems of science-fiction, fantasy, and terror"; the title page gives the subtitle "poems of science/fantasy".

Poets include Jerry F. Cao, Raymond L. Clancy, Tom Covington, Marian Cox, Walt Klein, Brian McHaughton, and Marilyn R. Venable.

Illustrations are by "DEA" (Dorothea Faulkner), Lee Hoffman, and "KJK".

In his afterword, Krueger acknoledges that "this small booklet was more or less inspired by a similar venture of SSR Publications entitled Snowflakes in the Sun".