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Staples is a no-nonsense zine based in Adelaide, Australia. It features short stories, poetry and critical essays and each edition is sold for A$4. It is supported by the Univerity of Adelaide's Creative Writing program, and has featured works by prominent local artists such as Cath Kenneally and Ken Bolton.

Staples also holds a regular monthly event at the Jah'z Cafe at 6:30pm on the last Thursday of every month. Selected speakers read their works from the latest edition, and is followed by an open mike.

Past Editions

Edition 1 (June 2006)


  • "Staples" by CATH KENNEALLY
  • "Fierce Squares" by DREW THOMSON
  • "The Sky Turned" by DREW THOMSON
  • "Lambing" by CHRIS BATTAMS
  • "Digging" by TOM CROWHURST
  • "Punctured" by TOM CROWHURST
  • "Manuscript" by JOHN DE LAINE
  • "Impressions of a Neglected Home" by JOHN DE LAINE
  • "The Espresso Hour" by MARIO SOS
  • "Angst Convertors" by KYM PACKER


  • "The Scream: Forces of the Past and Premonitions of the Future" by WAYNE CHRISTAUDO
  • "The Danger of Writing" by SHANNON BURNS


  • "Arts on Sunday" by KRISTY DENNIS
  • "The Sound of the Fury" by EMMETT STINSON
  • "Jesus of Suburbia" by LYNDALL CLIPSTONE

Edition 2 (July 2006)


  • "Twenty Accessories You Can’t Live Without" by MOYA COSTELLO
  • "The Dust Tree" by VIV LEWIS


  • "Things to Say" by KEN BOLTON
  • "I Do A Drawing" by KEN BOLTON
  • "Outwardly" by MICHAEL FARRELL
  • "Metro" by MARGARET DINGLE
  • "Dead Rabbit" by LED HELMUT
  • "Prophylaxis (or A Game Of Chess)" by LED HELMUT
  • "The Goodfellow" by PETRA FROMM


  • "Freenet" by GAVIN SCHULTZ

Edition 3 (August 2006)



Shannon Burns Gavin Schultz Emily Cock Bern Smith (past)

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