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"Stankzine: Blatherings From a Heavy Metal Hairy Armpits Virgin"

Stankzine is an electronic zine available in PDF format for download only.

The first issue was published in February 2009 and includes the following:

How my Vaginal Cyst Resolved my Penis Envy

"The sociopath's behavior is not your fault."

TMI about my sex life

Leggy Drums

"Wrong Numbers & Stolen Photos"

Rock n roll photography

Nails Through Your Penis, Nails In Your Face

Stankzine is published on a monthly basis. Future articles will include:

Romanticized Violence

"The Girls in Kiss With Their Big Breasts"

Virginity, Guilt, and Bondage

Duality of the Self: "I am the Whore and the Holy One"

Stankzine is not to be confused with Skankzine.

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Stankzine: Blatherings From a Heavy Metal Hairy Armpits Virgin