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Spooneye is a one-shot zine by Jesse Fuchs from New York City, New York.

Spooneye is unique in being a rule book for a card game called 'Spooneye'; "A game of swashbuckling, swarthy, sweaty, piracy set on the roiling and tempestuous seas of a, uh, regular 52 card deck." It's created by Fuchs though attributed to pirates in the Caribbean in the late 17th century. There are basic rules (the object of the game is to build masts to capture cards), a sample game, variants, etc. - all fully illustrated. Then a 10 page essay, "Uno: Blight, Scourge, or Menace?" on the authors thoughts and fascination with card games, "If there's an object with a more blissfully lopsided cost to utility ratio (than playing cards) I've yet to find it."