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Spill The Zines is an online resource for information about British zines, founded in March 2011. The blog publishes bi-weekly news posts, monthly British zine reviews, and sporadic articles about British zine culture.


  • Editor: Catherine Elms

Cath writes Here. In My Head zine and edits the Swansea Feminist Network zine Pandora Press. She is also a musician, currently recording an album. You can find her own blog at http://blatantblithe.wordpress.com/

  • Writer: Hannah W

Hannah writes Not Lonely zine and is an old woman in a young body who loves to read, drink tea, sew and converse with her budgie. You can find her own blog at http://notquiteayes.blogspot.com/

  • Writer: Caitlin Beth Gwynn

Caitlin writes Sympathy for the Strawberry zine and studies MA Gender & Culture at Swansea University. You can find her own blog at http://wondercaitlin.blogspot.com/.

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