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Spike Vrusho lives in Rhinebeck, New York where he drives a taxi and works as a freelance writer, mostly for the monthly tabloid New York Family Sports based in Manhattan. He has resisted transforming his dormant paper fanzine Murtaugh into another website or blog and continues to root for the Pirates despite the inexplicable preponderance of nerdy SABR-types who have somehow bullied their way into online baseball discourse. Blind allegiance to the farcical "Moneyball" and the corporate virus called fantasy baseball have ruined half of the game while the other 49% of the game festers with a gang greenous appendage last seen protruding from the side of Scott Boras' tassled loafers. "Kill them all, let Mel Ott sort them out" sez this particular bumpersticker affixed to a 1982 Audi Fox parked illegally in the ALCOA lot outside Three Rivers Stadium. Bud Selig should be made to wander the desert wearing a large, paper mache television head while the MLB reins are handed over to Mark Cuban or Zoilo Versalles or Oil Can Boyd or at least Jimmy Breslin. The festering, bloated bureacracy that is the Park Avenue-based MLB office should be forced to relocate to the last-place team's city every year, residing in a FEMA trailer and existing on barter arrangements with local businesses. Property is theft. Television money is even worse. Spike is reachable at spikevrusho@earthlink.net