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Sphere was a science fiction fanzine by L.T. Thorndyke, later joined by Joe Christoff.

Sphere was published in the 1950s.

First published in Cantonment, Florida, U.S.A., Volume 1, no. 2 was released in Nov. 1956. Volume 2, nos. 2-6 were issued between March and December 1957. Volume 3, numbers 1, and 2 were published in January/February, and March/April of 1958. By issue 12, Sphere was being published in Atlanta, Georgia, by Joe Christoff and L.T. "Larry" Thorndyke.

Sphere contained articles, fiction, letters, and poetry. Articles were contributed by Allen Glasser, among other. Poetry was contributed by Leslyn MacDonald Mocabee, among others.

The letters column featured contributions from Ray Bradbury (Futuria Fantasia), Tom Reamy (Crifanac, later Trumpet), and others.