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Space and Time was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Gordon Linzner.

Space and Time was a long running fanzine that began in 1966 and was published in Kew Gardens, NY, U.S.A. It featured comics, science fiction, fantasy and horror writing, poetry and art work.

Contributors of writing included Fred C. Adams, Blythe Ayne, Steve Behrends, Edward Paul Berglund (Nyctalops), John Bredon, Llewellyn M. Cabos, Brad Cahoon, Gene Day, Denise Dumars, Steve Eng, Janet Fox, W. Paul Ganley (Weirdbook), Jon Inouye, C.C. Klingan (The Diversifier), Mitya Kornedeplov, Megan Lindholm, Angus MacLeod, Marcia Martin, Andrew J. Offut, Wilum Pugmire ( Midnight Fantasies, Old Bones, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror), Susan Anne Santo, Alex Saviuk, Darrell Schweitzer, Josepha Sherman, Judith Johnson Sherwin, Charles T. Smith, Steve Sneyd, Ron Wilber .

Contributors of art work included Sheryl Birkhead, Dan Day, Gene Day, Jack Gaughan, Gary Kato, Allen Koszowski, Tim Lynch, Ken Meyer, Jr., John Romita, Jr., Stephen Schwartz,

Also included is the complete comic story "The Hellsman" by Gordon Linzner and Alex Saviuk, with ink work by John Romita, Jr.

Space and Time, during its run, published a number of works by authors whose stories include the Cthulhu Mythos. Gordon Linzner also published special 'theme' issues, devoted solely to Horror (# 20) and Swords and Sorcery (# 27).