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Sky Hook #16 cover by Richard Bergeron Winter 1952-53

Sky Hook was a fanzine published by Redd Boggs in the 1940s and 50s in the U.S.A.

Sky Hook was a Fantasy Amateur Press Association publication that had its premiere in Winter of 1948.

Writers for Sky Hook included Poul Anderson, William Atheling Jr., Virginia Blish, John Chapman, Philip Jose Farmer, Terence Heywood, Lee Hoffman, David H. Keller, Noel Loomis, Sam Moskowitz, Con Pederson, Phil Rasch, Oliver Saari, Jack Speer, Ken Tuttle,

Artists featured were Richard Bergeron, Eugene Calewaert, Terry Carr, Henry Chabot, Bob Dougherty, Ed Emshwiller, Dean A. Grennell, Howard Miller, Radall Nelson, Bill Rotsler, and Maril Shrewsbury.

Twenty five issues were published during its run. The last issue of Sky Hook was published in Autumn 1957.

Redd Boggs was also the publisher of The Lovecraftsman.