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Skintomb was an Australian horror fiction/film fanzine published by Rod Williams in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Skintomb was formerly titled Skinned Alive. The zine focused on reviews, essays, critiques of books, zines and films, fiction and art work.

Contributors of short fiction included Marc McAuliffe, Todd Mecklem and Kirstyn McDermott, among others.

Reviewed in The Mentor #87, from July 1995, which says; "The subheading says it all: Horror Reviews, Art, Fiction, Censorshit News. This is a very slick looking issue - Rod has obviously lavished much time on polishing it’s looks. Much of the art is his own - and as I’ve published some of his smaller pieces, you may have some idea of how good he is. There are LoCs, articles on Horror: Exploitation or Communication?, which covers the horror artists, including Virgil Finlay and lots of reviews of films, book and horror."

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