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The Silverfish Magazine (b. 2000) is an erratically published collaborative writing project from a mysterious group of landscape anarchitects from the Northeast, USA. Alternately publishing out of Reading, Lancaster, and Erie, PA and occasionally Ithaca, NY the group purports to review 'all things independent'. The 'zine is related to a myspace page that primarily reviews independent musical artists and occasionally makes forrays into cultural commentary. A favorite feature of the online 'zine is the consumer lists - randomly generated lists of kitch aquired by staff members while scrounging at rummage sales. The print magazine leans more heavily to the graphic arts.

The Silverfish is devoted to art, literature, culture, and mostly music, and in some vague way generally pro-anarchistic politics and social design. The editor is a mysterious left-handed, red-pen weilding vegetarian librarian named Ia, who may or may not be a professional bungee jumper.