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Shabby (1996-?) was an A4 Australian music zine published in Melbourne.

Contact: PO Box 2193, Ringwood North, Vic 3134.


  • No. 2: contains interviews with John Strohm (Velo Deluxe, Antenna, Blake Babies, and Lemonheads), Nic Dalton (The Plunderers, Love Positions, The Lemonheads, and Godstar,) Sandpit, Eric's Trip, and The Fauves. Each interview is complete with a discography. There are also a few reviews, a cartoon by Neale Blanden, and each page number is part of an amazing fact, for instance page number 5 says "The 5 biggest selling items in Australian supermarkets this year are (in order): 1/ Coca-Cola, 2/ Cherry Ripe, 3/Nestle Condensed Milk, 4/ Tally Ho Cigarette Papers, 5/ Mars Bars.

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