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Science Fiction Five Yearly (SFFY) has been published every five years since 1951.

It was originally edited by Lee Hoffman and has taken on several different editors in several different roles over the following 55 years. Bob Toomey was the first Assistant Editor in 1971, and then Terry Hughes in 1976, Dan Steffan in 1981, and Patrick and Teresa Nielson in 1986, along with Art Director Stu Shiffman Other editors including Randy Byers, Geri Sullivan, and Andy Hooper. Editors for issue 12, Byers and Sullivan, have announced that issue 12 will be the final issue since Hoffman passed away early in 2007.

Among the regular contributors are Calvin Aargh, Robert Bloch, Claire Brialey, Rich Coad, Harlan Ellison (as Nalran Nosille), Robert Silverberg (Spaceship), Geri Sullivan, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), and Ted White.

Artists include Bill Rotsler, ATom, Dan Steffan, Steve Stiles, Lee Hoffman, Stu Shiffman and Harry Bell.

Science Fiction Five Yearly won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine.

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