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*[ Covers and artwork from '''Science Fiction Darkside''']
*[ Covers and artwork from '''Science Fiction Darkside''']
[[Category:Zines from Canada]]
[[Category:Zines from Canada]]
[[Category:Ontario Zines]]
[[Category:Ontario Zines]]

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Science Fiction Darkside is a media science fiction fanzine by David Owens.

Published in London, Ontario, Canada, in the 2000s, the aim of the fanzine in the editor's words was to "focus exclusively in sci-fi TV shows and movies that explore the darkside of space fantasy and adventure". Early issues were dedicated to the elevision series Space 1999. Science Fiction Darkside features articles, essays, fan fiction, art, comics, and letters to the editor. The first issue appeared in December 2001.

Contributors of articles included a regular column by Jonathan Gilbert, and editorials and articles by David Owens.

Contributors of fiction included Joel Owens, and Ken Scott.

Comics were by Jon Gilbert and Seppo Makinen, and Yul Tolbert.

Zrtwork was by David Owens, and Yul Tolbert.

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