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Scavenger's Newsletter was a literary fanzine by Janet Fox.

Janet Fox published her newsletter beginning in 1984 from Osage City, Kansas, U.S.A., till it ceased publication in 2003.

Scavenger's Newlsetter regularly featured short stories and poems by authors of weird fiction, horror, science fiction, and tales of the Supernatural, as well as articles and essays on writing, alongside listing of fanzines and small press publications intended for writers seeking publication.

Contributors of fiction and poetry included Paula Fleming, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Naomi Kritzer, Donald J. Levit, D.F. Lewis, Todd Mason, Lyn McConchie, Dodie Miller, A.R. Morlan, Octavio Ramos, Jr., Anne K. Schwader, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Kiel Stuart, and Tamara Wilhite.

Contributors of articles, essays, and interviews included Judith F. Bullock, Thomas Deja, Donna Farley, R. David Fulcher, Joyce Frohn, Jim Lee, Michael McCarty, Steven Sawicki, Marge Simon (Star*Line), Joy V. Smith, Garth Spencer, H.P. Werner and Billy Wolfenbarger.

Contributors of art work included Allen Koszowski, John R. Platt, Misti Turner, and Eric York.

Also included were interviews with writers and editors such as G.Sutton Breiding of Punk-Surrealist Cafe, Indgenous Fiction editor Sherry Decker, William F. Nolan, co-editor of Rhodomagnetic Digest, poet and Data Dump editor Steve Sneyd, and artists such as Cathy Buburuz.

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