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Salza was a zine that was created by high school student Jill Hathaway (using the pseudonym Cleopatra Jones) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Jill Hathaway began publishing the zine after encountering the book A Girl's Guide to Taking over the World: Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution. The zine contained reviews of other zines, interviews with local celebrities, poetry, and personal essays. A total of five issues were created throughout 1997 and 1998 and distributed to various other "girl zine" publishers, as well as in a local comic book store. Today, there are copies of the zine in the archives of the University of Iowa library. Jill went on in college to produce a one-shot zine entitled Escape from Diet Hell (published in 2002), in which she grappled with her eating disorder and weight issues. She studied to become a high school English teacher and has since produced several zines in the classroom with her students. Jill Hathaway currently resides in Iowa with her husband and small children. She graduated with her MA in English Literature from Iowa State University in 2009 and now teaches high school and dual credit courses. She writes young adult literature during her free time. SLIDE and IMPOSTOR were released from Balzer + Bray/Harpercollins in 2012 and 2013. She is currently working on a standalone novel.