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SH - sf Fanthology is a fanzine by Ruth Berman.

First published in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. in 1967, The SH - sf Fanthology is an anthology of essays and fan fiction previously published in other fanzines. "SH" stands for Sherlock Holmes, and "sf" stands for science fiction. The first issue straightforwardly focused on Sherlock Holmes, with the succeeding issues featured more 'cross-over' material.

The first issue features writing by Robert Bloch, John Boardman, Dean Dickensheet, Dick Eney (A Sense Of FAPA), Dean Grennell (Grue), Richard Lupoff (Xero) and Bruce Pelz.

Issue 2, which was printed in 1971, features writing by Dean Dickensheet (from No), Doug Hoylman (from The Proper Boskonian), Edward Ludwig (from Inside), and John White (from Fistula).

Issue 3 was released in 1972, with contributions from Ruth Berman (from Oziana), Richard Lupoff (from Pok-Pik '66 Souvenir Booklet), Priscilla Pollner (from Son of a Beech), and Mary Ellen Rabogliafti (from Despatch).

Earlier, in the 1960s, Ruth Berman did the fanzines Pantopon and No, and the media science fiction fanzine T-Negative.

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