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== Sour Grapes Zine ==

"a zine of substance"


LOCATION: Central KY region
CREATED: spring of 2006
TYPE: Comp
COST: $1
FOCUS: Punk/Hardcore scene, D.I.Y. ethics, social change, personal views/ideas, art, and recycling. :)

ABOUT-GRAPES: Whoever said being a kid means being ignorant can shove it!

SOURGRAPES is a zine of substance. Were about making your noggin' think by showing you lifestyles, music, and ways of thinking you might never of known existed- and in the mean time have a shitload of fun.

Sourgrapes is a local zine created in the spring of 2006 by 3 fogies and a dog. Each month (yeah right) an issue falls from the sky into your lap, packed full of art, music-reviews, D.I.Y. guides, freebies, articles, and our ideas on feminism, war, racism, ethics, love, and life.

Were not here to make you think like us. Were just here to make you think.


SourGrapes is a compliation zine. We heavily rely on submissions. Anyone, no matter your age, location, or gender can submit!

Each month SourGrapes posts a issue-theme. This "zine-theme" (har-de-har-har) is a broad subject that months issue consists of. Of course you can submit anything creative to the zine anytime. But the themes purpose is to help writers who have loads to say- but dont know how to say it (or dont know where to start) Check the theme each month and create your own art that you feel explains yourself best.

We accept anything from articles, fiction/short-stories, poetry, editorials, music reviews, interviews, plain-bitching rants, songs, to photography, sketches, paintings, Anything that can stick onto paper we will photocopy. So dont be afraid to submit your art. It has to be super sucky to be turned down. Any racist, homophobic, bias, or just plain nasty-hate shit will automatically be turned down. Sorry assholes.

Be smart. Be yourself. And submit your own creations.


Please email to

Label the email "SourGrapes Submission"


A zine is a self published, non-profit, work created by all sorts of folks. Zines can be about anything and range from personal zines, political zines, to cooking zines! We think its important to support local music, zines, and artists. Most zines (including ours) make no-or very little money (all of which goes back into printing costs) and your support can help keep your local zine alive!

Want to support our zine or your local zine but dont have anything to submit? Thats okay! We really need donations and are always looking for people on our street team! Write the email above ( for more information.