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Cover art by Tom Foster

Rune was a science fiction fanzine published by The Minnesota Science Fiction Society.

Rune began life as MinnSTF Newsletter in the mid 1960s, but the group members quickly changed the name to Rune.

The editors of Rune for 1973 were Chuck Holst and Bev Swanson. The editor in 1974 was Don Blyly (February 1974, #35), and from 1974 till 1976 was Fred Haskell, for issues 39 - 48, with Editor Elect David Emerson. Lee Pelton was the editor from 1978-1980. In the early 1980s, Lee and Carol Kennedy were the co-editors. In 1982 Karen Trego was editor; in 1985 Ken Fletcher was editor; by 1986 M.K. Digre and Eric Biever were co-editors, succeeded by co-editors John Bartelt, Garth Danielson and David Stever Schnoes; in the 1990s, the editor was Jeff Schalles, with editorial staff Garth Danielson and Tom Juntunen.

It was published throughout the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and into the 2000s. Issue 85 appeared in March 1995.

Contributors of prose included John Bartelt, Gregory Benford (Void), Mike Blake, Nate Bucklin, Terry Carr (Lighthouse), Jackie Causgrove (Resolution), C.J. Cherryh, Don D'Ammassa (Mythologies), Gary Deindorfer, M.K. Digre, Leigh Edmonds (Rataplan), The Notional, Ornithopter., Fuck The Tories), David Emerson, Giovanni Fregni, Terry A. Garey, Rick Gellman, Jeanne Gomoll (Janus), Asenath Hammond, Andrew Hooper (Apparatchik), Ben P. Indick (Ibid), R.J. Johnson, Ted Johnstone (Mest), Carol Kennedy, Allen Koszowski, Dennis Lien, Gordon Linzner, Jeanne Mealy, Carol Meiner, Sandra Miesel, Dave Nixon, Ruth Odren, Steve Perry, Wilum Pugmire (Midnight Fantasies, Visions of Khroyd'hon, Old Bones) John Purcell (Askance), Spider Robinson, David E. Romm, David Schlosser, Jon Singer, Robert Whitaker Sirignano, John Stanley, Jerry Steams, Frank Stodolka, John C. Sulak, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie, Science Fiction Newsletter), Bob Vardeman (Sandworm), John Varley, Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), Joe Wesson, James White (Slant), Owen Whiteoak, Neal Wilgus, Dave Wixon, and Jim Young.

Contributors of poetry included Ruth Berman (SH - sf Fanthology), Alexis Gilliland, Chuck Holst, Carol Kennedy, and Spider Robinson.

Cover illustrations came from Richard Tatge (#31), Fred Haskell & Ken Fletcher (#40), Jim Young (#41, #42), Steve Stiles (#42), James Odbert (#43, #47, #50, #52, #54), Reed Waller (#44, #49), Fred Haskell (#45), Dan Steffan (#46), Derek Carter (#48), Ed Emerson (#51), David Egge (#53), Kara Dalkey (#55), Ken Fletcher (#56, #85), Al Sirois (#57), Joan Hanke Woods (#58, #69), Stu Shiffman (#59), Delmonte (#60), Ray Allard (#61), Larramie Sassaville (#63), Ken Fletcher/Rich Larson (#75), Tom Foster & Ken Fletcher (#84), and others.

Contributions of art work included Ray Allard, Poul Anderson, Todd Bake, Larry Becker, Sheryl Birkhead, Leslie Blitman, Emma Bull, Michael Butler, Grant Canfield, Derek Carter, C.J. Cherryh, Kara Delkey, Delmonte, Amy Falkowitz, Sally C. Fink, Ken Fletcher, Phil Foglio, Brad Foster, Tom Foster, Steven Fox, Jack Gaughan, Mike Gilbert, Wade Gilbreath, Alexis Gilliland, Jeanne Gomoll, Ken Hahn, Joan Hanke-Woods, Teddy Harvia, C. Lee Healy, Hank Heath, Cecilia Henle, Betsy Hennessey, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Dan Jette, Jay Kinney (Nope), Allen Koszowski, Bill Kunkel (Rats!), Vikki Marchall, Kathy Marschall, Tim Marion, Joe Pearson, Kathy Pierresche, Judy Renee Pope, Andy Porter, Victoria Poyser, Sarah Prince, John Purcell, William Rotsler, Roberto Schima, Marc Schirmeister, Stu Shiffman, James Shull (The Essence), Al Sirois, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Steve Stiles, Richard Tatge, Bruce Townley (Oblong), Bjo Trimble (Melange, Shangri L'Affaires), Mike Trull, Joan Vinge, Reed Waller, Taral Wayne (DNQ), Allan Wilde, and Jim Young.

Included also were reprints of speeches by Ted Johnstone, with illustrations by Bjo Trimble.

In The Proper Boskonian, Bob Devney said in his review, "Rune 85 is warm, informative, and silly. I like that in a fanzine."

Previously, co-editor Garth Danielson had published Boowatt. M. K. Digre also published Quinapalus in the 1980s.

Jeff Schalles was also one of the Guest Editor and Publishers of Science Fiction Five Yearly.

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