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Rob schneider is a poor man's pauly shore zine (also known as "Rob schneider is a poor mans pauly shore zine", or as "Rob schneider is a poor mans pauly shore" and RSIAPMPS) is a Australian zine originating somewhere west of Sydney during 2007.

Although it has been raised in discussion, it is widely known that the author has no real interest in Rob Schneider or Pauley Shore, their films or their comparable acting abilities, and is a humorous saying created by the author with no particular deep insight.

With over 2 1/2 issues released, the zines contents usually revolves around music (reviews and interviews) public transportation gripes, harassing letters to celebrities, bad poetry, misdirected angst and random drawings.


Issue #1(April 2007), 32 pages, also referred to as "the epicenter of hatred and frustration" , the maiden issue contained:

  • Interviews with Billy Gould, Press Eject and the Bernie Lomax five.
  • Articles included: escalator etiquette, fear of being raped by a train guard, old people, excessively loud and ridiculous novelty ring tones, I dream of a zombie Apocalypse, the tele marketer, Street press photos and the arsehole's who inhabit them.
  • Reviews: Mint Chicks in Sydney, Misfits Static age, various reviews


Issue #1.5 split with Cane toad warrior (June 2007), 22 pages, also referred to as " also referred to as "Pretty much one of the most manliest zines to hit the scene in a while". This split issue contained writings from the first issue and unreleased writings.

Image:Copy of cover.jpg

Issue #2(December 2007), 26 pages, also referred to as " the zine no parent can afford to miss".

  • Interviews with the Mint Chicks
  • Articles: letters to phone sex lines and my failing libido, poetry about how boring I find Rage Against The Machine, a letter to Bruce Willis, apologies to the cure kid, this used to be my playground, arsehole's ahoy: moan tones and the scum that uses them, shopping, warning! Subcultures, dear Rove, televisions, dear Red Hot Chili Peppers, the dog that won my heart and inspired a nation, Omission( a letter by Michael)
  • Drawings: Talene's bent groin, Bogan on a train , various drawings by Murdoch.
  • Reviews: Burt Bacharach Sydney concert, plus various reviews.


Writing Style

The writing style of RSIAPMPS appears to be somewhat educated but amateurish at best. Whilst having a severe dislike to net and text writing styles, the author has a limited use of proper English grammar.


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