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Riverside Quarterly was a science fiction fanzine edited by Leland Sapiro.

The genesis of Riverside Quarterly began in 1953 with Inside, started by Ron Smith. In 1954 it was merged with Science Fiction Advertiser (1952-1953, which had begun as Fantasy Advertiser published from April 1946 to November 1951) and was renamed Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser. It was published under this title for 3 years, during which it won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. It then ran a further year as Inside Science Fiction. It ceased publication for 4 years and was then revived for 3 issues as Inside with editor Jon White and Ron Smith as Assistant Editor. The last issue appeared as Inside-Riverside Quarterly,the transition between Inside with White as editor and new editor Leland Sapiro, who would rename the zine Riverside Quarterly. The first issue appeared in 1964.

Yo further complicate matters, Sapiro moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada and then Regina, Alberta, Canada in the 1970s, then Florida, U.S.A. in 1875, Texas, in the 1980s, and Louisiana, in the 1990s.

Contributors included Sid Birchby, Algis Budrys, James Castle, Arthur Jean Cox, Samuel Delany, Philip Jose Farmer, Thomas Disch, William Fagan, Barbara Floyd, Janet Fox (The Scavengers Digest), Jim Harmon, Gordon James, Sandra Miesel, Richard Mullen, Kris Neville, Edith Ogutsch, , Alexei Panshin, Joyce Pollard, Andy Ross, Tom Slate, Harry Warner, Jr., Peter Warren, and Jack Williamson.