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* [ Personality Crisis Ripper interview]]
* [ Personality Crisis Ripper interview]]
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Ripper #8 cover
Ripper #8 cover

Ripper was a hardcore punk zine published by Tim Tonooka out of San Jose, CA in the early 1980's. It's thought to be the main influence on Jeff Bale and Tim Yohannan when they decided to start Maximum Rock 'N' Roll zine. Ripper ran interviews with Whipping Boy, M.A.D., Los Olvidados, Husker Du, Personality Crisis, MDC, Necros, Code of Honor, Battalion of Saints, and a joint interview about punk with Maximum Rock 'N' Roll radio's Jeff Bale, Jello Biafra, Tim Yohannan, and Ruth Schwartz. Most of the interviews and pictures were done by Tonooka. Murray Bowles, who later contributed to MRR, also helped out. The last known issue was published January 13, 1983, it was issue #8.

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