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Ripped & Torn is a fanzine from Glascow, Scotland.

The first issue appeared in November of 1976. Ripped & Torn was one of the first generation of fanzines to emerge from the UK punk scene. The cut and paste zine covered bands such as The Damned, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Generation X, Raped, Jonathon Richmond, Iggy Pop and Only Ones. Also included are items such as a photo spread on Derek Jarman's film Jubilee and a New York Dolls poster. The zine was put together by Tony D. with help from Skid DeSade and Grant McNally. Other contributors included Jeremy Gluck and Alex Fergusson. Tony D. also contributed to Rotten To The Core.

Tony D. says, "Already you can hear the shrieks of the old rich as they realize they've been made redundant by the energy-ridden bands who work out of necessity in cheap clubs with lousy P.A.'s". Ripped & Torn announces itself on the cover as "the first Scottish punk mag written by fans...for fans" and proclaims that "This mag fights against the customary the average the dull".

Selections from Ripped & Torn were included in the book Punk, edited by Julie Davis, and published only in the UK in 1977. Eighteen issues of Ripped & Torn were released during the period from 1976 till Tony D ended the zine in 1979.

Tony D began publishing Kill Your Pet Puppy immediately after ending Ripped & Torn.