Riot grrrl (zine)

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riot grrrl was a free mini zine released by members of the band Bratmobile, Allison Wolfe and Molly Neuman. who were also the editors of Girl Germs.

riot grrrl was published in the early 1990's in Washington D.C. and, later, Olympia, WA. For a time it was a weekly publication. The zine covered the events happening in the scene surrounding Bratmobile and the band Bikini Kill, whose members Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail also regularly contributed, but as well covered bands like Nation of Ulysses. It also contained information about the early Riot Grrrl meetings that were first held in D.C., and about the ideas that these women were formulating that would soon result in a wide spread movement; short pieces, sometimes essays, some intensely personal, and others manifestos; feminist critiques of the punk scene and womens' place in society in general, that would come to represent the emerging Riot Grrrl movement. Almost all the articles were printed without crediting the author and the zine was done in a cut and paste punk style. Covers featured women, either comc character or photos, that signalled strength. The editors encouraged other girls to copy and recopy the zine and pass it along freely.

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